More Than PT, It's About What Is Right

On my way to work this morning, I was checking with our wonderful and amazing Patient-Relation Director, Amanda Di Iorio. For those who have spoken to her on the phone before, you know that

Amanda has the ability to brighten your day while providing clarity to help you with your healing journey. In our conversation, she told me something that made me my day and possibly the best thing I heard since I started Myokinetix Performance and Recovery. It was such a great story and I told her to write it up so I can share it with you all. This might be the thing that you need to read to put you in a good mood.

From Amanda

This morning at around 8:20 my work phone rang. The morning chaos of a 3 1/2-year-old was ensuing in our home and answering unfortunately wasn’t an immediate option. Covid-19 has a lot of people working from home and situations of normal life are not so normal. I returned the call a few minutes later.

A woman answered and I said “good morning this is Amanda returning a call from Myokinetix.” She says “oh did Ann call you?” “I don’t know as they didn’t leave a message.” She asks me to hang on. A man gets on the phone and in one deep anxiety-filled breath says “I need a psychiatrist, I need to get an appointment, I need to see someone now to get my ADHD medicine!”

I explain to him that we are a physical therapy office and that we don’t deal with these types of situations but I can help guide him in the right direction. After explaining that due to the current COVID-19 situation he can call the member services number on the back of his card. Once he gets a human on the phone, tell them that you need guidance on how to use the telemedicine part of your insurance to speak with a mental health doctor. This whole interaction took maybe 3 minutes of my day. By the end of the call, there was a deep breath taken by him in relief that I took the time to help point him in the right direction.

I felt the anxiety lift from him and a sense of calm cause I just pointed him at a time of need in the right direction. We are here for more than physical therapy! The phone is always on.

As a human being, this story is what we all need to hear. Being far apart from other people due to social distancing doesn't mean you can't help those who are in need. We are here for those who need guidance and if you do not the answer, we will do our best to put you in touch with those who can help you.

Always in your corner,

Dr. Natty Bandasak

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