The Happiest Place In Healthcare

Several months ago I was able to visit the happiest place on earth; Walt Disney World for my wife’s birthday. This was my fifth trip to this magical place and I will continue to go back every year. I absolutely love Disney! I was able to run around like a child in Galaxy’s Edge aka Star Wars Land while pretending I was a Jedi. As amazing as wielding my lightsaber and fighting the sith was; the customer service they provide is one of the best in the industry making this all possible.

All the staff aka “cast members” are helpful, fun, energetic, and polite as if they are not real human beings. I mean how can you be happy all the time? The staff is dealing with people and kids in 85-degree heat under the scorching sun 365 days a year. I took the time to ask cast members while waiting in line for the rides about this phenomenon. To my surprise, they are real human beings with emotions who get frustrated all the time. The difference being is they understand that they are the key piece between an OK experience and a Magical Disney Experience.

This is our main mission at Myokinetix: To Inspire Hope and Contribute to Health and Wellbeing By Providing The Most Magical Experience Within the Healthcare System. We know our healthcare system seems broken at times and the number of hoops that you (our patients) need to jump through to get the care you need can be frustrating. We want to ease some of that frustration and be that key piece for a magical experience in order to get you back to a healthy lifestyle.

We are still a small and young company or as i call it; a small giant, but we can make the biggest impact on our patients’ experience. This is why we offer true one on one care along with full transparency regarding the cost of the care. Pain and injury are complicated enough therefore your recovery process should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Healing can be an exciting process while overcoming challenges is exhilarating because it shows you everything that your body is capable of each step of the way. We are here for you and excited to be part of your team! If any experience is less than ideal for you, please let us know because we want to get better. Thank you for choosing us as your healthcare provider at Myokinetix and we look forward to cheering you on during your journey.

Always in your corner,

The Myokinetix Tribe

P.S. We are offering FREE 30 Minutes in-person/online visit for any new patient that is dealing with some nagging PAIN. Just because you are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you should be in #pain as well =) call us at 973-370-0198 email :


About the Author: Dr. Natty Bandasak received a B.S in Kinesiology in 2012 and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016. He was a National Level Olympic Weightlifter and competed in swimming, soccer, and lacrosse in high school. He also has experience in 1:1 personal training, CrossFit and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is currently a Physical Therapist treating an array of conditions including athletic injuries/return to sports training, post-op, concussions, and other orthopedic conditions. His goal is to help athletes and active people overcome pain, prevent injury, and improve performance so they can live their lives with no restriction.

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