Who is Dr. Natty?

It all started in 2012 when I severely injured my back working out; I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. The pain was terrible all I could do was just lay in bed and feel hopeless.  I kept wishing that the pain would stop so I could go back to working out and doing what I was passionate about. This started my journey in the Physical Therapy world. I attended Physical Therapy and went from an immobile shell of myself to back in the gym, working out again within 2 weeks. I took that experience with me and applied to Physical Therapy school with the hope of helping people who are going through the same struggle that I experienced.


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If you’re looking for a clinically sound, tried, and tested way to recover from an ACL injury, Dr. Natty Bandasak of Myokinetix Physical Therapy & Performance has just the solution for you.
This book is his unique and concise yet complete overview of ACL recovery – everything from injury, surgery, rehabilitation, and returning to sport.

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