Recovering from ACL reconstruction is complex. Research tells us approximately 1 in 5 people will suffer a second ACL tear.

Having a physical therapist that specializes in ACL rehabilitation is equally as important as a surgeon who specializes in ACL surgery.

Providing the HIGHEST level of ACL rehabilitation in the Morris County Area.

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Standard PT model

  • PT is a generalist
  • Small facility with minimal equipment
  • Unable to fully return to sports
  • Only 20 minutes directly with a PT
  • Double or triple booked with other patients
  • Treatment performed by aides, techs or assistants
  • Drawn out, time consuming treatment plans

myokinetix MODEL

  • PT Specializes in ACL and Sports Rehab
  • Facility Designed Specifically for Athletes
  • Confidently Return to Sports 100%
  • Every Session is at Least 45 minutes Directly With Your Clinician
  • Always 1-on-1 patient care
  • Better outcomes. Faster results

Kelly’s ACL Rehab Testimonial

Saniah’s ACL Rehab Testimonial

Mikai’s ACL Rehab Testimonial

 Mike’s ACL Rehab Testimonial

Providing the Highest Level of ACL Rehabilitation

  • We have extensive experience treating ACL patients in its entirety as the majority of my patients are athletes recovering from ACL reconstruction.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the rehabilitation process. I have read significant research on ACL rehabilitation which greatly improves outcomes and decreases the risk of suffering a second ACL tear.
  • Our physical therapy facility and clinic in Morris County is designed specifically for athletes, offering the proper equipment and turf space athletes need in their recovery. Find out more information below.
  • At least 45 minute appointments working directly with our team the entire session.
  • We have suffered two ACL tears and understand the physical, emotional and psychological side of recovery. The emotional and psychological side is often under emphasized, and my own experience allows me to better relate to my ACL patients during this challenging time.
  • Our priority is to get every patient back in the game at 100% with our ACL rehabilitation programs in Morris County.

We guarantee this will be the highest level of ACL rehabilitation you experience.

Check out this video for some exercises to build back up your quads after an ACL surgery

Well-Equipped Rehab Facility in Morris County for ACL Rehabilitation

Most physical therapy clinics provide post-operative care that is limited due to small treatment space and inadequate equipment. My rehabilitation facility has the open space and proper equipment for recovering athletes. This allows me to challenge my athletes, appropriately strengthen them, and gradually reintroduce sport-specific task such as, cutting, jumping and landing. Regaining confidence is a huge component of recovery and having the proper space to safely perform sport specific movements is pivotal.

Our facility includes:

  • 25 yards of open turf field
  • Extensive weight equipment
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Rowers & Assault Bikes
  • TRX
  • Sleds
  • Medicine Balls
  • Slide Boards

ACL Research

  • The risk of suffering a second ACL injury following ACL reconstruction is alarmingly high. Studies show that the rate of encountering a second ACL injury can range from 14.1 – 29.5%.(1) (2) (3)
  • Returning to sports too early increases the likelihood of suffering a second ACL injury. Research shows that athletes should not return to sports until at least 9 months after an ACL surgery. (4)
  • Athletes who successfully complete return-to-sport testing are 35% less likely to suffer a second injury compared to those who do not successfully complete the testing. (4)
  • ​Reducing limb imbalances, primarily before returning to sports is imperative for maximizing performance and reducing the risk of secondary ACL injury. (5)

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