Shoulder & Elbow Injuries


The repeated motion of throwing a ball in sports like baseball, softball, and football can really take a toll on an athlete’s shoulder and/or elbow. 

Below are just a few of the common types of injuries that can occur while playing sports:

Elbow injuries

Little league elbow

Little league elbow is a common term used to describe damage around the growth plate of the elbow in children ranging from 10 to 14. This injury generally occurs from repetitive throwing motion and general over-use.

The reason the elbow of adolescents is more vulnerable is because growing bones are more easily injured due to the growth plate being much weaker than the ligaments and muscles that attach to it.

Check out this video for how to recover from little league elbow

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear

The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is located on the inside of the elbow and is attached on one side to the bone of the upper arm and on the other side to the bone in the forearm. The UCL is vital to an elbow’s stability, but is also vulnerable to injury from repeated to use.

The UCL is most often injured by repeated stress caused by overhead movement such as throwing a baseball or softball.  Generally this type of injury can start of as a sprain but if it is not rested eventually, the UCL can tear preventing athletes from throwing with significant speed.

However, not only athletes can suffer from a UCL injury. Direct trauma such as with a fall, car accident, or work injury can also cause an UCL tear. Also activities that requires repetitive overhead motion of the arm such as tennis, pitching sports, fencing, and painting.can cause UCL injuries.

Shoulder injuries

Shoulder Joint Tear (Shoulder Labrum Tear)

A shoulder tear is an injury to the soft tissues that give the joint range of motion and stability. A tear can range from a partial tear to the complete severing of a tendon, muscle, or the labrum completely. It is vital to note that over time – and without proper care – small tears in a tendon can lead to a bigger tear.

Shoulder tears can be caused by repeated use or by sudden injury. Years of repetitive arm motions performed during sports that require repetitive motions, such as baseball, tennis, and weightlifting, may experience a shoulder tear. 

rotator cuff tear

A rotator cuff tear occurs in any of the muscles and tendons that connect your upper arm to your shoulder blade. The four rotator cuff muscles help your shoulder to rotate while the four tendons work with the muscles to stabilize the shoulder and allow you to lift and move your arm in many directions.

A rotator cuff tear is a common injury among adults. A torn rotator cuff will weaken your shoulder which can make not just sports, but many daily activities painful and difficult to do.


  • PT Specializes in  Sports Rehab for both shoulder and elbow injuries
  • Facility Designed Specifically for Athletes
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  • Every Session is up to 45 minutes Directly With Your PT
  • Always 1-on-1 patient care
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Providing the Highest Level of Shoulder & Elbow Rehabilitation

  • We have extensive experience treating little league elbow, UCL tear, labrum,and rotator cuff tear patients in their entirety.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the rehabilitation process. Our specialists have read significant research on shoulder and elbow rehabilitation which greatly improves rehab outcomes.
  • Our facility is designed specifically for athletes, offering the proper equipment and turf space athletes need in their recovery. Find out more information below.
  • Up to 45 minute long appointments working directly with one of our specialists for the entire session.
  • Our priority is to get every patient suffering from a shoulder or elbow injury back in the game at 100%.

Well-Equipped Rehab Facility in Morris County for Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation

Most physical therapy clinics provide post-operative care that is limited due to small treatment space and inadequate equipment. Our rehabilitation facility has the open space and proper equipment for recovering athletes. This allows us to challenge our athletes, appropriately strengthen them, and gradually reintroduce sport-specific task such as, cutting, jumping and landing. Regaining confidence is a huge component of recovery and having the proper space to safely perform sport specific movements is pivotal.

Our facility includes:

  • 25 yards of open turf field
  • Extensive weight equipment
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Rowers & Assault Bikes
  • TRX
  • Sleds
  • Medicine Balls
  • Slide Boards

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