We help active people and athletes overcome pain, prevent injury, and improve wellness so they can enjoy their lives with no restriction


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Are you a parent of an athlete who is sidelined from their sport due to a season-ending injury? Find out how Myokinetix can get them back in the game!


Are you an active adult who values fitness but is currently not able to do what you love due to the pain you've been dealing with for 3-6 months? Let Myokinetix in Morris county help address that pain without the need for surgery or medication.


Are you a high school, college, or professional athlete that wants to be able to continue to compete? Our Morris county physical therapy clinic can help prevent that injury to lead to more injuries and get you back to playing your best.

How to get started:

1 Schedule a discovery call…
with us to see if we are the right fit for you!

2 Schedule a discovery visit…
 where you’ll tour our Essex County physical therapy clinic and meet with one of our doctors of
physical therapy to talk through how we will accomplish your goals togetherr

3 Start your journey…
and get your confidence back with the game plan our
our team of doctors will help you create to stay active & get back in the game!


The Myokinetix System


The recover stage involves hands-on care at our Morris County physical therapy clinic for people that are in the beginning stages of recovery. The goal of this stage is to get rid of the pain and to address the pain point.


The rebuild stage involves strengthening exercises for people in the middle stages of recovery. The goal of this stage is to rebuild your foundation and get you back to your baseline.


The redefine stage involves your sports-related drills for people who have reached their ending stages of recovery at our office in Morris County for ailments such as back and knee pain. The goal is to redefine yourself after injury and get you back to the journey you were on before injury.

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Based on 158 reviews
Amelia Logan
Amelia Logan
March 25, 2024
Before coming to Myokinetix, I was 5 months post-op of ACL and meniscus surgery. I was going into freshman year of playing lacrosse at Wagner College. Myokinetix truly pushed me and helped me to achieve my goals of feeling confident and ready to return to play for the spring season! While at Myokinetix, I did acupuncture twice. I had never done it before and was not quite sure what it would do for me. However, the team at Myokinetix thoroughly explained the ins and outs of it and how I would benefit from it. It truly relieved a ton of my pain and I am grateful to have not only used it but been able to understand what the doctors were doing with it. Being at Myokinetix twice a week for 6 months I really grew to have a connection with the doctors and know they only wanted me to succeed and have the most success. I was being pushed to limits and goals I had. The best experience I had with their care was a week I came in and felt well over worked and worn down from the week priors work and the doctors just listened to what I had to say and how I was feeling. From there, we talked how we would take the week and step back to listen to my body and how it was feeling. We continued rehab in a lighter, more recovery skillset. This was a moment I realized Myokinetix is truly there and personable to listen and have conversations that maybe you mentally avoid throughout an injury recovery. Before coming to Myokinetix, I was in the foundational stage of my rehab. However, coming to Myokinetix at the time I did I am very grateful as I do not think I would be where I am athletically having not come to them. Myokinetix dials in on your personal goals and what you want to achieve. Being a lacrosse player, I had specific aspects of the game I wanted to make sure I was confident in before moving on. At Myokinetix, the doctors would incorporate game-like situations on the indoor turf to make sure I would feel the most confident upon returning to the field in full. Working with Myokinetix was much worth the investment. The Myokinetix team is very personable, caring, compassionate and take pride in what they do. They take pride in their one on one care, which I know for me was a huge factor on the success I had working with them. I would highly recommend Myokinetix to other people and definitely to those who are recovery from a setback and want to come back strong and more confident then they were prior to it!
Vipin Anand
Vipin Anand
March 18, 2024
From the moment my fiancée and I stepped into Myokinetix Physical Therapy, we knew we were in for a uniquely beneficial experience. Asya has been battling chronic symptoms of lower back arthritis, and the care she received from the team at Myokinetix has been nothing short of transformative. Through their comprehensive and compassionate approach, they’ve not only alleviated her pain but have also taught her strategies to manage her condition long-term. It’s been a relief and a joy to see her regain her mobility and zest for life. My own journey with Myokinetix has been equally remarkable. Dealing with a persistent left shoulder injury, I was fortunate enough to work closely with Dr. Natty and Danny. Their expertise and the innovative treatments they provided were instrumental in my recovery. They introduced me to the concept of activating and strengthening smaller muscle groups that I hadn’t utilized before, which was a game-changer for my rehabilitation. But what truly sets Myokinetix apart is their approach to physical therapy exercises. Each session felt like a mini CrossFit workout, pushing me to my limits in the best way possible. It was challenging, yes, but incredibly effective. The exercises were tailored to not just address the injury but to enhance overall physical fitness and resilience. The environment at Myokinetix is one of encouragement, expertise, and genuine care. Dr. Natty, Danny, and the entire staff are dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work and the well-being of their patients. They’ve created a space where healing is not just possible, but enjoyable. For anyone considering physical therapy, whether it’s for managing chronic conditions or recovering from an injury, Myokinetix Physical Therapy is, without a doubt, a place where you’ll find unparalleled care. My fiancée and I are beyond grateful for the positive outcomes we’ve experienced. It’s clear that Myokinetix isn’t just about getting you back on your feet; it’s about lifting you towards your best self.
Elton JB
Elton JB
March 15, 2024
Before coming to Myokentix, I was playing college football at Howard University. During my junior year, I tore my ACL and Meniscus, and the staff at Myokinetix truly brought me back to a more incredible version of my athletic self! The best experience I have had with Myokientix was the funny back-and-forth banter on any topic. Those discussions allowed me to have a good time and feel comfortable while getting cared for by the staff! After getting cleared to play sports, I am a better athlete than I was before. I was stronger, faster, more explosive, and overall, more confident and well-equipped to handle the stresses of football. My time spent here was well worth it! The PTs at Myokientix focus on the fundamentals and lay the groundwork for being a superb athlete. That’s what I appreciate most about the staff here. They want athletes to be safe and stable in all positions their sport may require. Coming to get your rehab at Myokinetix is going to be your best choice! You are going to get the treatment you need here, with the good times and comfort added to it! Thank You Myokinetix!!!
Julian David Zamora Narvaéz
Julian David Zamora Narvaéz
March 7, 2024
Went to Myokinetix after a tibia fracture. They found the best ways to make me feel like an athlete again. Their service was excellent from the first moment I went into the facility. They are knowledgeable and good people. Strongly recommend.
Leena Morant
Leena Morant
February 19, 2024
The staff at Myokinetix is truly exceptional, ensuring you feel welcomed the instant you walk through the doors. Their expertise has been instrumental in aiding my recovery from injuries; they attentively listen to your concerns and address them with careful precision. I wholeheatedly reccomend Myokinetix to anyone seeking rehabilitiation or even minor physical therapy needs.
asya kilinc
asya kilinc
February 16, 2024
I had the pleasure of getting treatment from the best physiotherapist in town, and I couldn't be more impressed. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The entire staff went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met and that I felt comfortable throughout my visit. I highly recommend working with Dr Natty and Danny as they worked their magic on my back.
Jordyn Bush
Jordyn Bush
February 7, 2024
When I started PT I was about a month out from my weightlifting competition. I was dealing with a lot of elbow discomfort at the time and did not trust my elbow to hold up in my heavy lifts. I received dry needling/acupuncture with Myokinetix and if anyone knows me, knows how scared I am of needles. I knew doing this would help with my pain and I fully trust the PT’s at Myokinetix, so that made my experience much better. I now LOVE dry needling/acupuncture because of the results I saw from doing that treatment with the Myokinetix team. My elbow and the surrounding muscles felt a lot better after doing this and I felt stronger in my positions during my lifting! My best experience with Myokinetix was having the opportunity to get treated there with the amazing team! Everyone on the team is so welcoming, answers all your questions, and explains why what treatment they are performing will benefit you and also leaves you with exercises/stretches you can do at home to continue to prevent further injury. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Now I feel way more confident in my overhead weightlifting positions and I hit a lifetime PR snatch of 95kg, which earned me 3rd place at my last competition that the Myokinetix team helped me stay ready for! Yes, the time and investment was invaluable to my training! I learned new exercises that I do daily in my warmups before I start lifting to activate surrounding muscles to take pressure off my elbow and the surrounding muscles. I learned how to move more effectively to keep myself pain free. The Myokinetix team genuinely wants you to get better and learn how to move better to avoid any further injuries + treat your current injury! Myokinetix is different from other PT’s I have had in the past by being knowledgeable in my respected sport of Olympic Weightlifting and making me fully understand the why’s behind everything they were doing treatment wise + exercise wise to get me feeling my best! 100% recommend anyone to Myokinetix! The team is amazing and you will feel better after each session! I am still weightlifting to this day, my elbow and shoulder have never felt better and I am excited to keep building on my strength to prevent any injuries + continue to get stronger with the Myokinetix team!
Gavin Segerson
Gavin Segerson
February 6, 2024
Best in the business. There’s no one better to go to than Myokinetix for anything physical therapy or strength wise. Went in with a bad back and came out in the best physical condition of my life. Would highly recommend!
Amy Zhou
Amy Zhou
January 31, 2024
I had dislocated my shoulder and was looking for a physical therapy place when a trusted friend recommended Myokinetix. The staff was friendly and responsive as they helped me sort out insurance and scheduling. Natty was exceptional, and he took the time to evaluate my body mechanics, created a treatment plan that aligned with my timeline and goals, and explained the purpose of each exercise. The facility is top-notch, and everyone who I worked with was kind, caring, and knowledgeable. Natty and Myokinetix made rehab fun.
Jules Serafini
Jules Serafini
January 7, 2024
I started going to Myokinetix after relocating to the nearby area. I saw the team for my ACL and secondary issues, which weren’t really being resolved at my previous PT. Shortly after my first session with Dr Natty, I saw incredible progression and was no longer in a “plateau”. I’ve worked with Natty, Nick, Jenn, and Danny - all highly skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping their patients get better. I always left each session with a clear goal in mind for what to work on before the next, which was super helpful. The 1 on 1 PT allows for exceptional attention to detail and care, and the atmosphere Dr Natty has built is very welcoming and motivating. I never thought I would actually be excited to show up to PT, until I started going to Myokinetix!

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