“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you make your focus.”

The Myokinetix System


The recover stage involves hands-on care at our Morris county physical therapy clinic for people that are in the beginning stages of recovery. The goal of this stage is to get rid of the pain and to address the pain point.


The rebuild stage involves strengthening exercises for people in the middle stages of recovery. The goal of this stage is to rebuild your foundation and get you back to your baseline.


The redefine stage involves your sports-related drills for people who have reached their ending stages of recovery at our office in Morris County for ailments such as back and knee pain. The goal is to redefine yourself after injury and get you back to the journey you were on before injury.



It’s time to treat your body like an athlete by maximizing your human performance and optimizing your recovery with our PT and non-surgical treatments in Morris County by our physical therapy doctors!

Everyone is an athlete to some degree and needs to be treated like one. We are here to help you to prepare for the physical tasks life throws at you!

Our Morris County physical therapy doctors strive to care for and improve every individual’s needs, movements and performance while living a healthy and active lifestyle. By solving pain, movement management, and injury prevention we can eliminate the need for numerous doctor’s visits or addictive prescription medications.

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