Cassie Sibilski
Marketing Coordinator

I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life, and went the same route for my education! I graduated in May 2021, from Seton Hall University, with my bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in marketing and information technology management, as well as a certificate in market research. Currently, I am an online student at Montclair State University, working towards my MBA, with a concentration in digital marketing. I am set to complete this program in 2023!

What drew me to marketing is that it’s an essential part of each and every field. Companies have to do some type of marketing in order to grow their business; whatever it may be. What drew me to work at Myokinetix specifically, was being able to help people become aware of the care they deserve through different marketing methods. I am a part of their journey to become pain-free without actually being a part of their physical treatment. It’s a great feeling and is why I chose to pursue marketing in the healthcare field.  

On the personal side of things, I love to travel. I’m always ready to book my next trip, whether it’s a week-long adventure or a quick weekend getaway. I also enjoy reading, watching movies/tv shows, and have recently gotten into cooking & baking!

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