Dr. Natty Bandasak


It all started in 2012 when I severely injured my back working out; I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. The pain was terrible all I could do was just lay in bed and feel hopeless.  I kept wishing that the pain would stop so I could go back to working out and doing what I was passionate about. This started my journey in the Physical Therapy world. I attended Physical Therapy and went from an immobile shell of myself to back in the gym, working out again within 2 weeks. I took that experience with me and applied to Physical Therapy school with the hope of helping people who are going through the same struggle that I experienced.

Fast-forward to 2016 when I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and began my career. I was filled with excitement and eager to help as many people as possible.  The reality kicked in when I was working tirelessly in a PT clinic that was extremely busy and was treating 3-4 patients per hour. I was not able to give the care that my patients deserved due to time restriction. This was when I realized that the healthcare system is broken and was no longer about the patients but rather the profit.

I envisioned a place where patients are being put FIRST and treated like VIP the first minute they set foot in the door. This was the spark that ignited  Myokinetix Therapy and Performance.

2018 was the year where I pursued my vision and started a patient-eccentric practice. This was the only way for me to fulfill my true passion for helping people to take their lives back. The goals of the company are to help patients by:

  • Avoid unnecessary surgeries and pain medication.
  • Providing TRUE one on one care.
  • Create a positive relationship between patients and their bodies.
  • Empower patients to better themselves each and every day.
  • Maintain independence through strength and mobility.
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