Katherine Lopez
Patient Care Coordinator

Since I was little, I always accompanied my mother to her job as a phlebotomist. She loved the healthcare field and that resulted in me admiring every time she was taking care of any patient. I always recall how she projected her voice in a way patients felt comfortable while waiting to be attended. Watching her attending patients made me wish I could help people in a similar way in the future.

On a personal note, I came from Honduras C.A, to the United States while being 14 years old and after graduating high school, I started studying Psychology at Community College. I believe how people make connections do matter and how you project yourself influences in many ways. Because, while working as a pharmacy clerk in the front, your first impression does influence, your voice while on the phone does make an impact, and how you organize yourself while helping patients makes you adaptable to any kind of situation. Working in the pharmacy was a self-discovery time for myself in many ways because it made me realize how proud and satisfied I felt during and after helping patients. And, while organizing the prescriptions for medicine, sometimes I saw scripts for “PT” which made me curious and asked patients about it. While talking about their physical therapy experiences, I created rapport and connection which made me interested in how PT helped them.

I gained two years of experience in pharmacy and recently joined the Myokinetix team! It makes me excited to be part of this team to help patients while joining the physical therapy field for the first time. Also, I’m planning to give a chance to dry needling, acupuncture and the many more resources we offer!

P.S: I love watching movies, and recently watched Mamma Mia, and I LOVED IT, so let me know if you have any recommendations!  I’m getting back into reading books thanks to my colleagues. And lastly, I went to a couple of k-pop concerts which I’m planning to go to again!

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