Keila Sanchez
Patient Care Developer

Hi! I’ve always been attracted to the healthcare field since I was a little girl. I graduated from Drake College back in 2014 in Drug Analysis and a Dental Public Health certification. I decided to remain in the pharmaceutical field for over 8+ years as a CPhT, where I also was able to gain knowledge about how health insurance worked.

So you may ask yourself; how or why did Keila end up in the PT field?

My mother (whom I dearly love), experienced a fall and broke her ankle a couple years ago. I personally had to take her to physical therapy sessions where, after the dedication and time invested into her therapy, I saw how much of a great impact, improvement, and recovery she experienced.

Afterwards, my interest towards the physical therapy world came about, and now, since the beginning of 2023 I am a PT biller, where I can use my experiences and interests while gaining and improving my knowledge in the medical and insurance field. Overall, I genuinely like and enjoy hearing recovery stories from patients while I get the chance to help, guide, and inform them about their insurances, just like how my mother once experienced and went through with her PT. 

Onto the personal side, I was born in Honduras C.A, and raised in Elizabeth NJ. I am also a single mother to a wonderful smart little girl who desires to become a veterinarian once she’s grown. We’re nuts about dogs!

If you catch me downstairs at the front desk, please be ready to accept a nice fresh brewed cup of coffee from me. A warm cup of coffee will always be a nice way to meet and greet!

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