essex county physical therapists

Have you had back pain or knee pain for a long time, with no apparent reason why it is not getting better? Then you have come to the right place. Our Essex county physical therapy clinic is a specialist in back pain, knee pain, and other discomforts, and we can get you on the path toward healing.

Before we begin treatment, one of our Essex, NJ Myokinetix physical therapists will sit down with you and go over your medical history, discuss any past accidents or injuries, and then do a physical evaluation to present you with a clear and thorough diagnosis. After reviewing your diagnosis, we will go over what healing choices are accessible and realistic for you.

You and your Myokinetix therapist will devise a physical therapy strategy that works best for you and address your most severe pain first. We will provide you with the necessary activities and materials to get started. As soon as we see improvements, our Essex county physical therapy clinic will modify your physical therapy to strengthen your core muscles, so you have better balance and a greater range of motion. You may assume your back pain results from a single activity, such as lifting a heavy item or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. However, it is usually the product of years of posture and stress issues, which have weakened the core muscles.

Myokinetix is committed to meeting each patient’s expectations and meeting them where they are as far as movements and performance. This creates trusted patient relationships built not on expectations but on steady progress and honest communication. Before long, those who complete our sessions find they are able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle again. By addressing pain, mobility management, and injury avoidance, our Essex county physical therapy clinic may eliminate the need for frequent doctor visits or unnecessary prescription medications. Our priority at Myokinetix in Essex, NJ is to help you live a healthier and more normal life, free of the anguish you have been carrying for so long.

If you want to start on the path to a life with less pain and more freedom, get in touch with us immediately!