Myokinetix: Your Premiere Destination for Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in Roseland, NJ

Conquer Pain. Optimize Performance. Thrive.

Myokinetix is Roseland, NJ’s leader in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance. Grounded in a passion for human performance, we help active adults and athletes of all abilities optimize their movement so they can feel their best and perform at their highest potential.  Whether you’re an avid golfer, collegiate runner or simply looking to stay active as you age, our dedicated Doctors of Physical Therapy are standing by and ready to help you rid your body of pain and achieve your movement goals. 

Your Body, Your Plan

Here at Myokinetix in Roseland, NJ, we are empowering active men and women to lead healthy, active lives, unrestricted from pain or limitations.  With YOUR goals at the heart of everything we do, each program is custom-designed to facilitate your unique strengths and address your weaknesses.  Forget assembly-line, cookie-cutter programming… We understand that every body is different and requires individualized training in order to have a successful outcome.   Combining expert-level assessment, skilled hands-on treatments and professional-grade modalities, we set you on a path to recovery that gets to the root cause of your issues and transforms your movement for the long-run.

Recover. Rebuild. Redefine

From post-surgery care to performance enhancement, our Roseland, NJ clinic offers end-to-end solutions to take you from 0-110% recovery.  Wherever you are in your rehabilitative process, we will meet you with education, guidance, and the empowerment you need and deserve to excel.

Unveil Your Movement Potential

From day one, you will enter into a partnership with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy whose mission is to help you recover and perform.  Providing true one-on-one care, expect to be met with compassion from the second you walk through our clinic doors.  We are fueled by a desire to help our patients take their lives back and will do whatever it takes to get you there.  Whether you’re dealing with nagging chronic pain, recovering from a surgery or hoping to optimize your training regimen for an upcoming marathon, our team is READY to get you results

What Myokinetix Care Can Do For You

We will uncover the ROOT cause of your issues, to relieve your symptoms from their core
We will provide viable alternatives to surgery, injections and other band-aid treatments
We will teach you how to move effectively and efficiently
We will keep you active throughout your recovery 
We will support you, motivate you, and guide you down a safe and timely rehabilitative process
We will treat you as the individual that you are rather than a number or body part
We will provide holistic care that looks at everything from movement dysfunction to sleep patterns to nutritional considerations in order to optimize your recovery and overall well-being
We will help you take your performance to the next level
We will help you build long-term athletic sustainability 
We will help you return to the things that BRING YOU JOY

It’s Time to Shine

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