From Setback to Comeback:  Transformative Sports Physical Therapy in East Hanover, NJ

Professional-Grade Recovery

Welcome to Myokinetix, the go-to source for performance physical therapy and sports performance in East Hanover, NJ.  On a mission to transform traditional rehabilitation, we offer end-to-end solutions to cover preventative, rehabilitative, and wellness needs along the health continuum.  Here at Myokinetix, we understand that performance isn’t just a goal, but a way of life.  Whether you’re a high school athlete hoping to optimize your performance or an active adult recovering from an overuse injury, we are here to help you recover, rebuild, and redefine your athletic limits.

Results-driven care that delivers.

Combining cutting-edge techniques with personalized care, our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve and surpass your movement goals.  Don’t let pain or limitation hold you back from living your best life.  Unlock your true potential with tailored treatment plans, innovative techniques, and the professional support you need to succeed.

In a healthcare system that prioritizes profits over patients, it’s no wonder so many people feel left behind in the current model.  Our passion here at Myokinetix in East Hanover, NJ is simple: to help our community members enhance their quality of life.  Whether that quality improvement is tied to reduced pain or improved performance on the field, we use clinical expertise and compassionate care to get you there.

Recover. Rebuild. Redefine

Our three-pronged approach to care takes clients from surviving to thriving. 


Beginning with recovery, we use a holistic approach to set the system in an optimal state of restoration, address inflammation, and identify and correct the underlying causes of your issues.  


When the systemic fire is put out, we turn towards the rebuild phase, enhancing strength and stability and future-proofing the system against subsequent injury.


Beyond achieving your goals, we truly seek to redefine your movement potential.  Through sport-specific training, biomechanical improvements, and education on lifestyle factors, we work to bring you back better than ever before.

Move better, feel better, live better.

Have you tried PT in the past and been less than impressed? Tired of your physician pushing medications and injections instead of long-term solutions? Looking for a more integrative approach to your health and wellness?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

What We Offer:

Regenerative & EPAT Shockwave therapy
Acupuncture Treatments
Nutrition and supplement guidance
Back pain and sciatica treatments
Sports Rehab for Shoulder & elbow Injuries 
Knee Pain Relief 
ACL Recovery
Meniscus Tear Rehabilitation
Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief 
✔ Training Optimization
✔ Sports performance
Golf physical therapy and performance
✔ Performance running program
✔ Stretch therapy
✔ Ergonomic assessments
✔ Injury Prevention

…and much more!

The Myokinetix Difference:

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to performance physical therapy in East Hanover.  Here’s what to expect here at Myokinetix:

One-on-one dedicated care with a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy
High-level care created for athletes by athletes
Total body approach that considers nutrition, training cycles, and recovery timing to optimize outcomes
Collaboration that empowers you to be the driver in your health and wellness journey
A long-term focus on building lifelong athletic sustainability
Goal-focused care with clear-cut expectations 
Combination therapy incorporating skilled manual interventions, therapeutic exercise, and professional-grade modalities

Live the life you deserve

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