Your Comeback Starts Here:  Sports Physical Therapy in Morris Plains, NJ

State-of-the-art recovery and wellness solutions

Welcome to Myokinetix in Morris Plains, NJ where the fusion of sports, science, and movement transforms into healing. With a keen understanding of biomechanics and athletic demands, we specialize in solving complex physical problems in athletes and active adults. Don’t let pain or injury stop you from excelling at your sport or activity of choice. From injury prevention to recovery to regenerative medicine, we offer end-to-end wellness solutions to keep you performing at your highest potential.

Raising the Bar in Rehabilitative Care

Using comprehensive and individualized programming, here at Myokinetix our team is dedicated to your results. If you’re tired of being shuffled between providers or are looking for long-term solutions instead of short-term bandaids, we’ve got you covered. When injuries hold you down, get the care you need to identify the root causes of your issues, rid your body of pain, and optimize your movement potential.

The Myokinetix Way

A patient-centric approach

One-on-one treatment sessions with a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy

Skilled manual interventions, professional-grade modalities, and customized programming that guarantee results

Collaborative care that makes you an active participant in your recovery

End-to-end recovery solutions that effectively prepare you for the unique demands of sport

The Support You Need to Succeed

With the disjointed nature of healthcare, it’s easy to feel disappointed or less than supported in the current climate. Particularly for our athletes, we understand your inherent NEED to move and the frustration and quality of life impact that pain and injuries can cause. Looking at the system as a whole, at Myokinetix we take a holistic approach to care considering everything from nutrition to training schedules to sleep recovery. By supporting your system from multiple avenues, we are better able to optimize the rehabilitative process and ensure long-lasting results.

What We Believe

Our three-pronged approach to care takes clients from surviving to thriving. 

You should be treated as a whole, not a part

In order to feel your best, you need to move your best

Everyone is an athlete

Injections and surgeries are often NOT the best answer

With the right support, you can achieve peak performance at any age

Myokinetix Morris Plains Treatment Offerings

✔ Total body movement analysis
✔ Injury prevention
✔ Acute and chronic pain management
Back pain and sciatica treatments
Sports rehab for shoulder & elbow Injuries
Knee pain relief
Meniscus tear rehabilitation
Neck & shoulder pain relief
✔ Post-surgical care
Stretch therapy
Regenerative & EPAT shockwave therapy
Acupuncture treatments
✔ Nutrition and supplement guidance
✔ Sports performance
ACL Recovery
Golf physical therapy and performance
✔ Training optimization

…and much more!

Ready to experience the Myokinetix difference firsthand?

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