Patient Spotlight With Sam Strobel: How She Came Back To Soccer As a Stronger And a Better Athlete

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Sam tore her ACL during a tournament in 2018 where she was being recruited by Division 1 schools. She had to find and battled her way back on the soccer field. She did not let herself down during her rehab journey and kept working hard each and everyday.

Along the way, she was able to work on other aspects of the game and discovered other areas of her life that make her even a stronger and better person/athlete.

You can watch her post-op soccer highlight here

We loved her attitude, mindset, and work ethics which made her such a great success story. We wanted to share her story with this PODCAST interview and you can listen here

Sam also has an amazing support system from her parents that helped guide her during this process. We asked them to share their experience and how they were able to their daughter get back to playing the sport that she loves and pursuing a college scholarship.

Here are the questions that we asked them to share with us

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and a little bit

about the injury your child went through

We are Samantha Strobel’s parents… Leonard Strobel, Jr. and Sheila Shatel. Samantha suffered an ACL tear in her right leg in November 2018 during an elite soccer tournament in NJ. It was evident from the start that her injury was severe and would most likely require surgery.

How was your Myokinetix Performance and Recovery experience

– what have you gotten out of coming to see us from a parent perspective

Everything about our experience has been positive. Myokinetix is a first-class, full-service organization. They have always been extremely responsive to our inquiries, flexible with our schedule, and accommodating whenever needed.

What you love most about Myokinetix and why?

What we love the most is that in addition to their expertise as physical therapists, they understand sports and athletes. They understand the differences from one sport to another and the demands on the human body. They also take a very personal interest in the goals of each of their patients. So, for Samantha, they knew about her return to soccer, stayed in touch with her coach, developed a staged approach for her return to the field, etc. That kind of personal attention is something we have never seen.

What are the challenges you as a parent was facing you came to Myokinetix Performance and Recovery?

As parents, our biggest concern was to make sure Samantha’s rehab was complete and appropriate for her active lifestyle. The last thing we want is to have to go through another surgery because she didn’t rehab properly or returned to sports too soon.

How long did you wait to come and see us – and why?

Samantha’s initial rehab was done at locations close to her surgeon’s office and closer to our home.

How did you know it was time to do something different?

Samantha’s surgeon was insistent that we incorporate Myokinetix Performance and Recovery into Samantha’s rehab to ensure that she had the best care possible and that we would have the ultimate confidence she was ready to return to sports.

What was your big goal of coming to Myokinetix Performance and Recovery

As parents, our goal was to have Samantha as strong (if not stronger) physically as she was before the injury. Additionally, we wanted her to feel confident in her strength so that she could return to the level of play on the field she experienced before her injury.

Why was your Myokinetix Performance and Recovery Experience

worth the time and money?

Absolutely. There is no question about that. Putting in the time and money for rehabilitation was (and still is) so important to Samantha and to us (her parents). The attention and care that she receives is top notch and worth the investment.

Did you have any reservations about coming to see us –

prior to saying yes?

Our only reservation was the distance between our home and Roseland. It is about an hour drive, each way.

How do you feel about that decision now?

It was definitely worth the drive!

What do you want other parents to know about Myokinetix Performance and Recovery that only they could understand if they’re nervous/skeptical/or have been let down in the past?

Listen to the experts and adapt their advice to your situation and your child. But, make sure they are listening to you as well. The more you share with your physicians and physical therapists, the better they will be able to help your child.

What was the MOST valuable takeaway from your experience?

The most valuable takeaway has been watching our daughter confidently return to the sport she loves, healthy and strong.

What advice would you give to other parents that are currently taking care of an injured child and are looking to come to Myokinetix Performance and Recovery?

Injuries often come when you least expect it. Samantha was in peak performance when this injury happened and there really wasn’t much that could have been done to prevent it. The best advice we can give as parents of an injured child is that you can only control how you react to it. Be supportive. Be proactive. Be involved. Get the best care you can. For us, that came from Myokinetix.

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