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  • How the typical healthcare system lacks a personalized and evolving approach, as medical treatments they received focused solely on addressing immediate injuries without considering their past, future, and overall wellness
  • Why Myokinetix is a place that aims to help individuals achieve their overarching wellness goals by focusing on their identity and future aspirations, similar to how the financial industry plans for long-term financial goals, rather than solely focusing on physical therapy for injuries.
  • Why the Wellness Program at Myokinetix, emphasizes the importance of continued investment in one’s health and wellness even after recovering from an injury, as it allows individuals to go beyond returning to their baseline and instead work towards becoming the person they aspire to be.

Who Do You Want to Become?

I had an epiphany as a young athlete. I would get injured during practice or in a game and visit a medical professional for help. Only to then return to playing, and end up injured again. After going through that cycle numerous times, I realized that no place exists in healthcare that evolves with us.

What I mean by this is that as my injuries continued and I grew up, the medical treatments I received were more one-off fixes for that specific injury, not at all considering my past or future. No medical professional asked me who I wanted to become and how they could help me get there past the immediate injury they were treating. None of them tried to help me with my overall wellness.

For example, if you’re a female athlete and play at a D1 collegiate level, you have specific wellness needs during those four years. Then, if you go pro with your sport, you’ll have different needs than you did at the collegiate or even high school level. Essentially, your whole identity changes. You went from being a “D1 female athlete” to a “professional female athlete.”

Preparing for the Future

The same idea can be applied to new moms, as their identities change quite literally overnight. One day, they are someone who would like to have kids. Then they are a “mom-to-be” and pregnant. Finally, after going through labor, they are a mom. However, no places exist where a mom-to-be can prepare to become a mom or a collegiate athlete can prepare for their future as a pro. This was ultimately the epiphany that led me to open Myokinetix. I wanted to create a space that helps people seeking to become a better version of themselves, looking past physical therapy alone and instead aiming to accomplish their overarching wellness goals.

This is something the financial industry does well. If you’ve ever met with a financial advisor, they likely asked you, “At the age of 65, how much money do you want to have in your savings?” or “What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?” I’m doing the exact same thing for wellness at Myokinetix. Healing your injury puts you back to your baseline, but after that, who do you want to be? What is the identity you are trying to achieve? After you are “someone injured,” who are you?

The ultimate goal for Myokinetix is to be a “transformation” center where we support you through your current identity and support you in becoming the person you want to be. This is a big reason we’ve started our pelvic floor therapy services. We want to be that place that helps moms-to-be transition into mothers,

Investing In Wellness

But we want to take our goal a step further, so we’ve launched our Performance Plus Program, where we help people continue investing in their health, even after they’ve returned to their baseline.

Think of it this way: If you stop investing in your wellness once your injury is gone, it’s like stopping before the finish line in a race. Instead of becoming the person you truly want to be, you’ve just returned to who you were.

Our Wellness Program gives you access to physical therapy, acupuncture, wellness, nutrition, at-home exercise programs, and more. It is all to help you continue to evolve. So, double down on the path toward the person you want to become, and keep investing in your wellness.

No matter who you want to become, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you are someone with big aspirations and are looking to continue to progress on your wellness journey, one of these options is for you! We are offering the first month free so you can try it out & see how it can help you! You can start by joining our Performance Plus Program or contacting our Myokinetix team at 973-585-4990 for help. To hear more about our Wellness Program options, please book a call with us by clicking here.

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