Don’t Let Holiday Eating Bring You Down!

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3 Ways to Get Your Nutrition Back on Track in 2023!

  • Why protein is essential for a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, healthy eating, and better caloric absorption after a workout
  • How vegetables provide essential nutrients and satiety, allowing for larger portions without increasing caloric intake.
  • Why it is important to include a moderate amount of carbohydrates in your meal while prioritizing protein and vegetables as the main components.

Each year, for many people, getting their healthy eating habits back on track is one of their top resolutions. With Halloween candy, endless feasts, and sweet treats, we might have overindulged during the holiday season. Luckily, the new year is the perfect time to get back on track!

Here are a few eating habits you can implement this month to start your 2023 off right.

Focus on Protein!

Any time you prepare a meal, try building your plate around the protein you eat. That can be red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, or any protein source. Protein is your nutrition’s secret weapon. It helps you feel full for longer, and your body absorbs more of it, too. After a good workout, you’ll obtain more of those much-needed calories through protein than carbs and fats.

Go Green

After choosing your protein, the next step is piling on those greens! Any veggies, really. Vegetables are not only filled with micronutrients, but they also work toward helping you stay satiated for longer. This is partly because you can eat a ton of vegetables for very few calories, so they’re taking up more space in your stomach with less caloric cost. Aim to have your plate at least half filled with vegetables for your meals.

End With A Carbohydrate

Yes, it’s true! You can eat carbs and still have an overall balanced and healthy eating diet. The trick here is only to allow carbs to take up one-fourth of your plate. So, while protein and veggies are the main stars of your meal, carbs like rice, pasta, and potatoes still have a spot! Carbs don’t keep you satiated, so you’ll get hungry faster and eat more in the long run if they dominate the meal. You’ll also receive less nutritional value from these foods, so they’re not aiding your body as vegetables or protein might.

Hopefully, these tricks will help you feel more confident about getting your nutrition back on track in 2023. They’re easy, and you don’t have to feel restricted trying them out, either!

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