Katie Siverson’s Successful ACL Recovery Journey

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  • How high school senior Katie Siverson, sustained a knee injury and tore her ACL during a winter league lacrosse game after being struck by another player, resulting in a severe impact and subsequent fall.
  • How Katie initially experienced confusion and anxiety about her future during the recovery period, unsure of what to expect after her ACL injury.
  • Why having a supportive environment where people prioritize personal growth and well-being, rather than just identity as an athlete, is immensely beneficial.

One of our patients, Katie Siverson, was injured in a winter league lacrosse game during her senior year of high school. Katie was hurt when another player slammed into her side, causing her to fall. The fall severely injured Katie’s knee and tore her ACL. 

This was Katie’s first encounter with a severe sports injury. Sure, she’d broken a bunch of bones and suffered some sprains, but this was her first injury that required a lot of time to heal. 

The recovery time caused Katie to feel confused, lost, and worried about what life after her injury might look like. But, after talking with other athletes who had recovered from ACL injuries, Katie realized these injuries are common. A full recovery was possible.

So, Katie started attending a basic physical therapy facility to help her recover. However, she quickly felt she needed treatment geared toward high-performing athletes. That’s when Katie found Myokinetix. 

Coming to Myokinetix was an eye-opening experience that I’m so thankful for,” Katie says. “I’m able to find myself as an athlete again, rather than just someone who was injured and needed physical therapy.” 

Katie also says that “being surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and want to see you do well, looking past your status as an athlete and seeing you as a person is the best environment I could have ever asked for,” and that she can just come to physical therapy and have fun and feel herself getting better and stronger.

Katie’s goals with her recovery were about more than just feeling better. She wanted to prepare herself for the higher level of play she would see at the collegiate level. She also wanted to grow mentally after overcoming one of the hardest things she had ever gone through.

During Katie’s time here, she was able to fulfill her goals. She grew both as an athlete and a human being. We’re so happy to announce that Katie currently plays lacrosse for Wagner College — fully recovered.

Join Katie on her sports ACL recovery journey! Katie currently plays lacrosse for Wagner College. Watch her inspiring testimony video here:

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