How to Get Started With Myokinetix – Q & A Style!

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Here are some commonly asked questions about us at Myokinetix:

  • Do we take insurance?
  • Yes, we take insurance and we work with your out-of-network benefits. All of our patients have their benefits checked before coming in so we can help you understand the breakdown.
  • Do we bill the primary insurance or do I have to? Does that include the secondary insurance if I have it as well?
  • Yes, we take over the hassle of billing the primary and secondary insurances. On the rare occasion that we need to “fight” insurance companies, we may need you to be on a call.
  • Why are we out of network?
  • This is a great question with one main answer. An out-of-network provider can treat a patient with the care they need without the insurance dictating your care. As an out-of-network provider, we are able to see you for 1 full hour of treatment with no other patients scheduled during that one hour you have with your doctor. You and one of our doctors of physical therapy (DPTs) will be the only 2 people in your visit times. That leaves a DPT able to treat you as a whole and focus on you and only you during your visit, without switching between patients. When a DPT can work “unrestricted” there is a better outcome, and you get the time and care you deserve.
  • Who do we work with?
  • We work mainly with athletes ranging from children to adults, as well as anyone who considers themselves to be a part of the active population. We like to describe our patients as anyone ranging from someone trying to get back to their best self for playing sports, or if they’re just trying to alleviate pain so they can walk around with their grandkids at Disney.

Questions for you to consider if you’re wondering if Myokinetix is a good fit for you:

  • Are you competitive?
  • Do you participate in sports?
  • Are there any limitations hindering or affecting your return to playing sports?
  • Is your child looking forward to playing sports professionally?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Myokinetix Physical Therapy and Performance is where you need to be. All three of our therapists are sports players themselves and we understand the importance of the sports world not just on a mental level, but also on a physical level. When playing a sport, if you are not playing at 100%, you’re putting yourself in a position to possibly do more damage. We are all doctors of physical therapy with many certifications among the three of us, including Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists®, and orthopedic clinical specialists. Additionally, we are always expanding our certifications for the future.

What to expect during your first visit at Myokinetix:

  • During your evaluation, you will meet with one of our DPTs to have a full one-hour session. During that session, we ask that you wear loose-fitting clothing that will allow you to move around comfortably and have the impacted zone able to be fully assessed. Measurements will be taken of the body part(s) specifically so that if requested by insurance, they can assess your gains during treatment. You and your DPT will make a full set of goals and a plan of care for your current injury and recovery. During that time you will be up and moving as this is not a “sit and talk” visit, this is a DOING visit.

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