Things Parents Can Do While Waiting For Their Child’s PT Session

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Parenting is a full-time job, and for many parents, the concept of personal time becomes a distant memory. Between school runs, meal preparations, and taking care of the family’s needs, finding moments for self-care can be challenging. However, there’s a hidden opportunity that many parents may overlook – the time spent waiting during their child’s physical therapy (PT) session. 

This blog explores various activities parents can indulge in to reclaim some well-deserved “me-time” during these moments.

Rediscover the Joy of Reading

One of the simplest yet most rewarding activities you can engage in while waiting for your child’s PT session is reading. Whether it’s a novel, a magazine, or even articles on your smartphone, taking a break from the daily hustle to immerse yourself in a good read can be both relaxing and mentally stimulating.

Self-Care Sessions

Consider utilizing this waiting time to prioritize self-care. Many clinics, including ours, offer amenities such as saunas or relaxation areas. Imagine slipping into a warm sauna, letting the stress melt away as you prepare to face the demands of parenthood with a renewed energy. Alternatively, you can schedule your own PT or acupuncture session during your child’s appointment, ensuring that you’re taking care of your physical well-being as well as your child’s, all at the same time!

Digital Detox

Take advantage of this time to unplug from the constant stream of emails, notifications, and social media. Use the waiting period as a digital detox, allowing your mind to unwind and be present in the moment. Engage in mindfulness activities like deep breathing or meditation to cultivate a sense of calm.

Creative Outlets

Tap into your creative side by carrying a sketchpad or journal with you. Writing or drawing can be therapeutic and provide an outlet for self-expression. It’s a great way to reconnect with your artistic side and add a touch of creativity to your day.

Fitness Break

If your child’s PT clinic has exercise facilities that are available to you, take advantage of them. Use the time to squeeze in a quick workout or engage in light stretching. This could be the perfect time to consult their health care professionals if you’re experiencing any discomfort or restriction on your movement. Physical activity is not only beneficial for your health but can also boost your mood and energy levels, ensuring you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Invite other parents to join in as well and turn the waiting room into a mini-fitness community.


Parenting is undoubtedly demanding, but it’s crucial for parents to recognize the importance of self-care. Waiting for your child’s PT session doesn’t have to be idle time; instead, view it as an opportunity to prioritize your well-being. Whether it’s reading a book, enjoying a sauna, practicing self-care, or embracing your creative side, there are plenty of options available right here in our clinic. So, the next time you find yourself in the waiting room, consider it a chance to reclaim some much-needed me-time. Your physical and mental well-being will thank you.

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At Myokinetix, we recognize that every parent desires optimal care for their children. We go beyond just providing excellent care for kids, we also prioritize the well-being of parents. Acknowledging that healthy parents significantly contribute to their children’s health, we invite you to engage in your own wellness sessions and join your kids on the journey to a healthier and happier life ahead. If you’re interested in you and your child coming for a session at the same time, book a call with us now!

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