How To Find The Right Physical Therapist For An Athlete

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Anyone playing any sport, especially a high contact sport like football, has the potential to get injured – And when you do, you have to find the right physical therapist for you!

I know as a physical therapist, I’ve seen how important it is that a patient is with the right physical therapist. About 5 years ago, when I started in this field, I worked at a standard physical therapy clinic that was very busy. I was seeing 16-20 patients per day, and really only spending about 15 minutes with my patients. I was realizing that if I had a little bit more one-on-one time with my patients, I would be able to help them to get back on the field faster, stronger, and with more confidence. That’s why I started my practice – Myokinetix!

At Myokinetix we spend one-on-one time with all of our athletes. You get our undivided attention and we know exactly what to do to get you back on the field. When you are injured, you need to find someone that is willing to do that for you and give you the time you need and deserve.

The best investment that a physical therapist can give you is their time and attention. You want someone to be able to look at you and see you, and where you are right now, and understand your injury, and have no distractions. From there, you and your PT can embark on that journey together of getting better.

It’s Important That Your PT is a Specialist in Your Injury

You want your physical therapist to be a specialist in your injury. Someone who has seen it all and dealt with your kind of injury or surgery a countless number of times. That way, they know the ins and outs of your surgery or injury, so that way there are no games, and you can get from point A to point B as fast as possible.

At Myokinetix, we specialize in ACL injuries, meniscal tears, Achilles ruptures, elbows, shoulders, you name it! We focus on getting athletes back on the field to be as confident as possible and have performance be at the highest level.

Your Physical Therapist Should Understand the Demands & StressThat Your Sport or Position Requires

Finding a physical therapist that understands your position you play on your sports team is key. They need to know that for many sports, your bread and butter is your ability to have a quick reaction time. In your sport, if you are not able to change direction quickly, not able to get your elbows up, not able to square up correctly, not have good hand-eye coordination, not be able to pivot and backpedal, or anything else that you cannot do comfortable, you won’t be performing at your best. Making sure you find someone who understands your position and that these are things you need to do, can make the difference.

You Need to Put Yourself in an Environment That Will Help You to Excel as an Athlete

When you walk into our clinic at Myokinetix, you’re going to feel like you’re walking into a D1 facility or a professional facility, because that is what we want you to feel like!

When you are injured, that part of you that feels like an athlete is being ripped apart from you. Since being an “athlete” is your identity, when this gets taken away from you due to an injury, you don’t feel good about it. That’s why the environment for recovery to get you back to feeling your best is so important!

When you step foot into any facility, you want to feel like you are there to work and where you are going to get your grind in for the day! You need the tools, resources, and equipment, like barbells, squat rack, kettlebells, treadmills, turf, and more to succeed. The environment you’re in dictates how you are going to be as an athlete.

We spend a lot of time curating this culture and environment at our Myokinetix facility. We get a lot of athletes in, so that way when you come in and you’re injured, you can look over your shoulder and see another athlete working. If the other athletes that you see in our facility are out-working you and you’re both injured, you will be striving to match each other’s energy and push yourselves. That is the kind of environment you need to be in to be pushed to do your best! Seeing other injured athletes being active and pushing themselves, you’ll be more motivated to push yourself and do your best!

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