A Firefighter’s Recovery – Myokinetix is a Haven for Self-Improvement

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How Ryan McPherson Beat Tendinitis

  • How Myokinetix serves as a space for self-improvement, including firefighter Ryan McPherson, who transitioned from athletics to firefighting
  • How Ryan experienced severe knee swelling and pain after a softball game, impairing his ability to kneel and fulfill his duties as a firefighter. He turned to Myokinetix for rehabilitation and acupuncture to maintain his physical well-being.
  • How Myokinetix is delighted to have played a role in Ryan’s injury recovery and continues to support him in maintaining his physical well-being.

Myokinetix is for everyone, and we mean it when we say that. Myokinetix is not just a place for injured athletes but where people in our community can come together and work on becoming their best selves. This includes those who keep our community safe, like firefighter Ryan McPherson. Before becoming a firefighter, Ryan was a multisport athlete and a hall of famer at his high school and college. Following college graduation and playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters for a while, he decided to change things up. Two of Ryan’s uncles were firefighters, and they suggested that Ryan consider taking the fire test. So, after some consideration, Ryan did and passed with flying colors.

Now, nine years later, Ryan helps keep our community safe daily by putting his life and body on the line. The gear a firefighter wears can weigh over 45 pounds, and the constant running and jumping a firefighter goes through can strain their muscles, ligaments, and joints.

After a few years of firefighting, Ryan developed tendinitis in his knee. To help with the healing process, Ryan got a platelet-rich plasma shot or PRP shot. These shots help speed up the healing of damaged joints but work best when paired with therapy. However, following receiving the shot, Ryan’s fire department participated in a softball tournament, and Ryan decided to play.

After the softball game, Ryan’s knee was so swollen and sore that he couldn’t even kneel down or put pressure on his knee. “I couldn’t even put my knee on the ground, and I knew I couldn’t have that with firefighting, too,” he said. “I want to stay young and be able to move with all my gear on through fires; I knew something had to change.” That’s when a mutual friend recommended Ryan stop by Myokinetix. Since then, Ryan has been our patient, rehabbing his knee back to full health. Additionally, he’s been maintaining his body’s health with regular acupuncture.

“Acupuncture mixed with treatment and the one-on-one experience is great. I feel great now!”

We’re so happy to have helped Ryan recover from his injury and help his body recover after his long shifts through acupuncture. Ryan, thank you for keeping our community safe and being an incredible part of the Myokinetix family!

Watch Ryan here as he speaks about his experience with acupuncture & how it’s been working with Danny.

You can also listen to our podcast episode with Ryan on Spotify or on YouTube here!

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