The Mother-Daughter Duo that Won’t Let Pain Get In Their Way

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Meet Mickey & Jaiden Schultz & How They Found A Middle Ground for Their Recovery

    • How Jaiden was determined to remain active despite her injury and how Myokinetix devised a customized treatment plan to address her pain and allow her to continue her active lifestyle, finding a middle ground

    During a recent summer, one of our patients, Mickey Schultz, got in touch with us about her daughter, Jaiden. We had been working with Mickey due to her injuries. They were debilitating enough for her to stop working out altogether. So, when her daughter started to experience pain, Mickey approached the owner of her gym, who is a friend of hers. She asked the owner what he thought she should do about her daughter’s pain. He immediately told her that she should see Natty at Myokinetix for physical therapy. 

    But, unfortunately, Mickey’s insurance stopped her from bringing Jaiden to our facility because they wouldn’t cover her care. So, Jaiden and Mickey started working with her school’s athletic trainer to find her relief. During one of their sessions, the athletic trainer offered some advice, “Hey, I know a great person you should go see to help Jaiden with her pain. His name is Natty from Myokinetix.” So, with the second recommendation, the school’s insurance covered Jaiden’s physical therapy. She became our patient, just like her mom!

    But Jaiden’s case was different than her mother’s in that she wasn’t willing to stop moving altogether. She needed to find a middle ground. For Jaiden, there was just no way she would stop being active. At Myokinetix, we meet our patients where they are, so we formulated a plan to treat Jaiden’s injury and relieve her pain while still allowing her to keep moving and stay active. 

    Finding a middle ground to help patients recover from pain while still preserving their quality of life is what we do best. Patients’ rehabilitation should always be specially tailored to specific needs. No two paths to recovery are the same, even for people in the same family. If you have special circumstances surrounding your care, we’ll work with you to find the best way. We want to improve your overall wellness so that you can live your life with no restrictions.

    Hear about Mickey’s perspective as a parent of a patient and a patient herself at Myokinetix. Watch the full video here:

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