How to Optimize Your Recovery

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What is Recovery?

Exercising is a key component needed to stay mobile and maintain an active lifestyle to enjoy what life has to offer. It starts by simply going for a walk to actively exercising using things like weights or equipment. Once exercises are done consistently, individuals will get stronger, being able to lift heavier objects, move more freely, etc. But, just like a car, computer, etc., things need some maintenance to keep working, and the body functions the same way. The muscles and joints need time to recover in order to use the muscles more efficiently.

What Are Some Myths When It Comes To Recovery?

One common thought that comes after mentioning recovery is that you have to only rest by lying down or sleeping. The previously mentioned is only a small part of it. The individual can participate in a full body stretching routine to help restore muscle elasticity, and can also do soft tissue work like massages, detoxification through saunas, or meditation to help clear the mind and refocus.

Another successful method is receiving an acupuncture treatment. This is an effective medical treatment that has been used for thousands of years to help not only reduce pain but also to restore normal body functions. Acupuncture is a holistic medicine that looks into how all the organs are functioning to their fullest potential. 

Methods of Recovery?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a strong mindset, but also a body that can recover after each workout. Everyone experiences delayed onset muscle soreness after working out, which typically occurs 12- to 24 hours after working out. Individuals will usually feel tenderness to touch, maybe some joint stiffness, and sometimes some temporary body fatigue.

But what if that fatigue lingers, and stays longer and longer? What about if waking up in the morning starts requiring more and more effort? Some individuals even report their sleep quality is affected. They say that they don’t wake up rested or have difficulty staying asleep. Something else that is commonly heard is “My digestion is a little slow”, or “I’m not getting to the weight that I want to.” Those symptoms are sometimes ignored or thought that there is no solution.

One of the ways those symptoms can be addressed is to participate in a recovery program to help the body return to a more active state. A recovery program doesn’t have to be just not doing anything. A good recovery program has dynamic stretching, and detox strategies; such as sauna, cold plunges, Epsom salts, and acupuncture to improve blood flow, loosen joints, and dial down the hyperactivity of the nervous system.

Acupuncture treatments are now used in professional teams to help athletes recover. Athletes like NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher AJ Burnett, and NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, just to name a few, use acupuncture treatments to maintain a healthy body.

Looking to Get Started?

If you are interested in hearing more about how Myokinetix might be able to help you recover more efficiently, give us a call at 973-585-4990, or book a call to speak with our Patient Development Coordinator here: https://api.theforcecrm.com/widget/bookings/book_a_call_now/discovery_call

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