From Torn Labrum To State Champion

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How Logan Wadle Finished Strong

  • Logan Wadle, a high school wrestler, showed us that sustaining an injury does not mean the end of an athletic career, demonstrating his unwavering spirit and dedication to the sport.
  • How Logan underwent surgery for a severe labrum tear, discovering that 75% of the labrum was damaged. His doctor recommended switching to Myokinetix for his rehabilitation.
  • How Logan found a sense of camaraderie among fellow athletes at Myokinetix, which enabled him to achieve remarkable success in his senior year, winning 100 wins and the state championship for his high school, going from torn labrum to state champion!

One thing we want all of our patients to know is just because they’ve suffered an injury, it doesn’t mean their athletic career is over. Don’t just take it from us; take it from Logan Wadle, a high school wrestler who became one of our patients after a shoulder injury. Logan tore his labrum, the soft tissue surrounding the ball and socket in our joints — like the shoulder.

During wrestling practice one day, Logan could feel his shoulder popping in and out of the socket and later felt pain in the area. This pain led Logan to the doctor to check out his injury, who ordered an MRI confirming the tear in his labrum. The doctor told Logan, “You can have surgery to fix the tear if you think it will continue to bother you, but you’ll have to stop wrestling.” To Logan, there was no stopping until his wrestling season was over.

A few months later in May, Logan underwent surgery on his labrum. After he was out of surgery, his doctor informed Logan that he had actually torn 75% of his labrum, resulting in a severe injury. Logan started physical therapy at a clinic near his home but wasn’t seeing the progress he had hoped for. That’s when his doctor suggested he start coming to Myokinetix!

“It’s been just awesome for me,” Logan said. “It’s been great. Myokinetix has gotten me back to where I want to be, and I was cleared for the season to wrestle.”

Logan fit in here at Myokinetix among all the other athletes working hard to overcome their own injuries. He even said the camaraderie here helped him feel more confident in his shoulder’s healing process. When the season started, he felt ready to wrestle. “I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about my shoulder, and I could just wrestle and have fun. I expected to do well, and I did,” he said. And we agree that Logan did do well. In fact, he was able to finish his senior year of wrestling in the best possible way. During his last season, post-injury, Logan secured 100 wins and won the state championship. He was the first winner from his high school in over 20 years. Now that’s what we call a recovery – from torn labrum to state champion!

Hear Logan discuss his recovery journey & experience at Myokinetix! Watch the Full Video Here:

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