How Saunas Can Help Benefit Your Recovery

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When you’re trying to recover from an injury, it’s important to consider different ways to speed up the process. One not-so-obvious helper in this journey is the sauna – yes, you heard that right! Let’s break down three unexpected perks that come with adding sauna sessions to your injury recovery routine. Whether you’re an athlete trying to bounce back faster or just someone who wants to stay active for the long haul, the sauna could be the missing piece in your recovery puzzle. So, let’s explore how the sauna, usually known for relaxation, can actually be a secret weapon for your overall well-being during the healing process.

Here are the top 3 benefits of sauna that will help in your recovery. 

Benefit #1: Cardiovascular Health Boost

Traditional heart-pumping exercises may be off the table during recovery, but the sauna steps in as a surprising ally for your cardiovascular health. The higher temperatures in the sauna create a low-key cardiovascular workout, elevating your heart rate and improving overall heart health. Although it doesn’t replace your usual exercises, sauna sessions offer a refreshing alternative, providing your heart with the workout it needs during the recovery phase.

Personal Note: Personally, I’ve noticed a lower resting heart rate and increased Heart Rate Variability (HRV) on sauna days, highlighting the sauna’s positive impact on heart health during physical limitations.

Benefit #2: Mood Enhancement through Endorphin Release

Dealing with an injury often brings a decline in mood, especially when you’re unable to participate in activities you love. Sauna sessions, lasting between 30 to 40 minutes, can surprisingly boost endorphin levels. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that act as natural mood elevators, providing a positive outlook throughout the day.

In a world where sunlight exposure might be limited, especially during winter, sauna becomes a valuable substitute. By exposing yourself to the sauna’s heat, you can experience increased energy levels, leading to a more positive mindset. This newfound positivity can be instrumental in facing the challenges of injury recovery and maintaining motivation.

Benefit #3: Accelerated Recovery and Muscle Growth

Sauna use, when combined with strength training and physical therapy, can contribute to muscle hypertrophy – the growth of muscle tissue. Research shows that the heat generated in a sauna raises growth hormone levels, facilitating muscle growth. Additionally, saunas help lower cortisol levels, creating an ideal environment for muscle recovery. This dual effect provides a significant advantage, especially during the rehabilitation process.

Check out this video with Dr. Natty to learn more!

In Conclusion

If you are an athlete or just an active individual seeking ways to expedite your recovery and enhance your performance, the sauna emerges as a surprising and valuable tool. The cardiovascular benefits, mood elevation through endorphin release, and the potential for accelerated recovery and muscle growth make sauna sessions a compelling addition to any injury recovery routine. Consider integrating regular sauna use into your weekly schedule, starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing duration to experience these unexpected benefits firsthand. Remember, while the sauna might not replace traditional exercises, it can certainly complement your overall recovery strategy.

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